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last change 2008 June 09, P. Böhm

NEON 3D Spectra School 2008

Pictures of the school

  Conference photo

Some pictures of the AIP

  3Dspectroscopy team at AIP The 3Dspectroscopy team at AIP during the last institutes evaluation in May 2007.

Photo: S. Bonaz

  Schwarzschildhaus ... Schwarzschildhaus (left) and library, 22-Oct-2004, looking from West.
The Schwarzschildhaus is foreseen as place for the lectures as well as for the practical lessons. The barbecue will take place in the shadow of the roof on Friday.

Photo: St. Scholz

  Media and Communication Center... Media and Communication Center (MCC) in the transit circle domes, as background for some remaining socialist art, 24-Jan-2005.

Photo: R. Arlt

  Babelsberg Observatory,
          main building ... Babelsberg Observatory, historical main building, 20-Dec-2004
We are going to celebrate our welcome drink on Monday here.

Photo: R. Arlt

  Telegrafenberg The Einstein tower with the dome of the Great Refractor in the background, May 2007 -
parts of the old Astrophysical Observatory and jewels of the science park "Albert Einstein" located on Telegrafenberg, that you can visit on Wednesday evening.

Photo: S. Bonatz

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