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last change 2008 May 07, P. Böhm

NEON 3D Spectra School 2008

Software for the Tutorials

ATTENTION ! In case you want to test the software already before the school on your own PC we provide links to the packages used during the tutorials. Please, feel free to download and try to install. Any questions for help should be addressed to the authors of the packages.

Instrument Software Supported Systems
SINFONI ESO pipeline for SINFONI, 1.9.3 *
- including EsoRex 3.6.8 *
- including Gasgano 2.2.7
+ QFitsView 1.1j
Scientific Linux 4.3
FLAMES GIRAFFE Base-Line Data Reduction Software
girBLDRS 1.13.1 (see also here)
and additional ESO pipeline for GIRAFFE, 2.5.1 *
- including EsoRex 3.6.8 *
- including Gasgano 2.2.7
GMOS Gemini package 1.9.1 based on IRAF 2.12.2a,
but running also with IRAF 2.14 and X11IRAF
+ STSDAS and TABLES v3.6 (or higher)
+ Colors package
+ DS9
Mac(Intel, PPC)
Other Linux
Cygwin (Windows XP)
OASIS XOasis 6.3.1 Linux, MacOS
PMAS There is no official distribution of P3d for the PMAS data reduction so far, therefore we are going to hand out school-CDs and install it together in the exercises. It is based on IDL (commercial software) including tools of the AstroLibrary.
For additional visualization (apart from the P3d viewer tools) you may use e3d 1.3.7 based on LCL version 1.6 and PGPLOT (see under e3d also).

* The school PCs use the ESO pipelines for SINFONI version 1.8.2, for GIRAFFE version 1.0, and EsoRex version 3.6.5.

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